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For billing inquiries, please contact our Admin Team at For any other support inquiries, please contact our Support Team at

For general support enquiries, please contact our Support Team at Support

Tech support hours include any work you request from us that falls outside of our standard product support. For example, retailer pricing changes, bespoke front-end and back-end changes and business rule customisations. For the number of support hours available under each subscription tier, please see the pricing schedule.

Your feedback is valuable to us as it helps us to continuously improve our products. You can email your product feedback to

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our Support Team at

We need up to 5 business days to switch off your service. There is no refund for the subscription fee even when you cancel your service during the subscription period

Subscription, Pricing & Payment

All our Products are Subscription based and are tiered to your needs.

Our pricing information is published on our website Please Click here to contact us & we will arrange to send you our pricing.

Depending on your business size and needs, you can choose from three subscription tiers when signing up. Each tier has different API usage limits per month to meet your needs.

We only count successful transactions towards the monthly limit. For example, if there is an error with the bill upload and we were unable to provide an extraction, it will not count towards your monthly limit. These are monthly limits that reset each month.

You will receive a weekly API usage report that you can use to check the weekly and cumulative API usage. If you are on an Enterprise subscription, you can opt-in for a daily usage report.

If you are on the Essentials or Enterprise subscription tier, you will receive an email notification when your API usage has reached 90% of the monthly limit. We do not provide the notification service for our Starter subscription.

Yes, you can change your subscription tier at any time during your subscription period. Just email your request to or a dedicated Account Manager (if you have one). The additional fee amount will be added to your invoice in the following month.

Subscription payments are made in advance, and each subscription has a notice period. We don’t refund subscription fees even if you cancel your service during the subscription period.

There is no minimum subscription term on our PAYG, all other tiers have a notice period for cancellation and you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you take an annual subscription, there is a 5% discount on the total fee. Please note that our subscriptions are paid in advance and we do not offer any refunds if you cancel your subscription during the subscription period.

Our subscription fees are paid in advance. We will issue an invoice on the first business day of each month. Your payments are required within 14 days of the invoice date.



Our Resi and SME Bill Extraction & Comparison are off the shelf products and are generally adopted by our customers on an as is basis. If you are on a Starter and Essential subscription tier, we do not allow any changes to the products.

If you require further customisation, you may be able to under our Enterprise subscription tier.

When a user uploads an Electricity Bill (PDF format), our extraction technology first scans the entire PDF document, pulling out the relevant raw data. Our proprietary technology then understands and interprets the available data points, transforming them into a standardised format. When the available data points are in a standardised format, the bill data can be used for many different use cases, for example: – Market comparisons – Individualised customer pricing – Automating manual data entry (eg. Loan origination, Tax and Budgeting services) – CSV format for ease of manipulation and visibility – CDR compliant JSON format

The below items are never included in our comparison calculations:

– Green power items from bills – Balance brought forward / Adjustments – Interest charges – Payment Fees – Meter read charges – Disconnection / Re-connection charges

– Administration charges

– Card processing charges – Credits for joining and staying with retailers / one-time bonuses

Please note we do not process demand tariff bills.

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