Solar Seeker is flexible, scalable, secure and ready-to-use.



Maximise your market power with a personalised customer acquisition funnel.

Our engagement products create a hyper efficient and personalised sales funnel for solar/battery installers and energy retailers. It does this through;

  • Modern innovative visual engagement techniques

  • Consumer Data Right enablement or our own bill extraction

  • Customisable white label or API integration

Solar Seeker - lead generator for installers and energy retailers

Our proprietary, solar evaluation is one of the newest and most powerful customer acquisition tools in the solar industry.

The evaluation tool is available as a fully customisable white label product and can also be used via API’s for more bespoke journeys or Virtual Power Plan products.


Key Benefits:

  • Allows for a real-time assessment of solar and storage requirements /suitability for a customer’s property

  • Uses patented  technology to augment solar panels of a customer’s property

  • Leverages Accurassi’s Bill Extraction or CDR to form an accurate solar/battery evaluation

  • Creates a personalised solar evaluation including cost savings estimation, payback period, and recommends the optimal solar system size within seconds

This capability offers:

  • Increased top-of-funnel quantity and quality

  • A dramatic reduction in the time to complete a solar sale (from months to weeks)

  • Increased transparency on solar suitability based on energy profile of the property