Our products are flexible, scalable and ready-to-use.

With our suite of readily deployable Modules, forward-thinking energy companies  of both today and tomorrow can increase their market advantage with every customer engagement.

How do our products work?

With our unique software, we’ve established a hyper-personalized, customer first approach. Our products connects your business to today’s and tomorrow’s customers. Engaging your customer during their initial consideration journey is critical for moving from exploring to acquisition.

Effectively, we can provide you with ‘digital first’ and ‘ready to use’ software products that will allow you to give your customers and your teams a personalised and information-rich experience.

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Enable customers to explore the best retail energy and solar options available while strengthening your brand proposition while your customers explore.

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Consider & Compare

Our patented AI technology allows us to analyse a customer’s energy consumption habits in seconds and provide the best solar/battery solution or energy plan for them.

Giving customers the information they need to consider and compare

Maximise your market power with a personalised customer acquisition funnel.

Our engagement products create a hyper efficient and personalised sales funnel for solar/battery installers and energy retailers. It does this through;

  • Modern innovative visual engagement techniques
  • API driven technology
  • Customisable end-to-end user journey
  • Competitive market-ready energy data for contact centre representatives

Uplift your digital retail presence today

Whatever CMS you’re using, our flexible modules can be augmented into existing content management systems and digital portals.

Instant Solar Evaluation

Our proprietary, advanced AI-driven solar evaluation is one of the newest and most powerful customer acquisition tools in the solar industry.

The evaluation tool is available as a fully customisable white label product and can also be used via API's for more bespoke journeys or Virtual Power Plan products.

Key Benefits:

  • Allows for a real-time assessment of solar and storage requirements /suitability for a customer’s property
  • Uses patented technology to augment solar panels on a high quality image of a customer’s property
  • Leverages Accurassi’s Energy Bill Extraction to gather and standardize bill data to produce an accurate Solar evaluation
  • Creates a personalised solar evaluation including cost savings estimation, payback period, and recommends the optimal solar system size within seconds

This capability offers:

  • Increased top-of-funnel quantity and quality
  • A dramatic reduction in the time to complete a solar sale (from weeks to minutes)
  • A level-setting exercise for customers to avoid price anchoring issues
  • A faster process for engineers and system-sizing

Consumer & SME Energy Comparison

Our end-customer facing Energy Comparison tool is an easy to use, modern UX that allows your customers to get up close and personal with the energy industry. It can be used to drive more digital sales, create customer stickiness as a feature and even drive commission revenue.

Our comparison tool comes in a variety of flavours, and like the rest of our products is highly customisable when used as an API. We also have two versions of our white-label tool which can be live within a matter of hours.

This tool has been used to great effect by our partners over the years and we have identified over $100m in total savings for end customers!

1:1 Comparison 

This product is designed for existing or potential energy retailers, who want to give their customers an amazing, highly personalized experience. It can quickly determine (from an uploaded bill) exactly how much a customer would save by switching to your retail plan. This drives a great deal of customer trust and is frequently cited by consumers as a key point of differentiation

1:Many Comparison  

This product works well with channel partners who want to give a new and exciting feature to their customers (see Case Studies). It allows a market-based comparison which increased Net Promoter Score and Customer Engagement metrics.


When bundled with our Energy Bill Extraction Tool, our Energy Comparison API becomes even more powerful; delivering hyper-personalised quotes within seconds

Bill Extraction

Our energy bill extraction tool is a plug-and-play digital product which can be easily and quickly deployed in almost any web or app environment. It uses a straightforward API infrastructure allowing high flexibility on the data collect, captured and exposed to end users. It is able to process bills across Residential & SME for both gas & electricity accounts.

For a consumer, it offers a way to upload an existing gas or electricity bill from any retailer in Australia (NZ bills are coming soon, get in touch with us for more details). 

Our system then instantly validates that as a real electricity or gas bill and extracts >170 data points in 0.3 seconds! It has processed over 2 million bills in the past four years.

These data points cover things like:

  • Customer Name, Address and NMI
  • Energy usage broken down into subcategories
  • Tariffs
  • Costs
  • Discounts

And can then be used by businesses for a manner of administrative and marketing tasks including;

  • Carbon Tracking
  • Property Energy Costs & Financial Planning
  • Customer Verification
  • Segmentation and Customer Profiling

Energy plan data feed

Our automated Energy Plan feed is the perfect service for any businesses looking for insight into the energy industry.

We collect data from a variety of sources that allows our customers instant access to:

  • Plans from EVERY retailer in Electricity and Gas across the NEM (50+)
  • Data across 4,000+ energy plans covering all tariff types
  • 100+ data points on each plan covering:
    • Tariff costs, types and timing
    • Special conditions, mechanics or benefits
    • Date introduce

This allows us customers to:

  • Analyse price entry points for new products
  • Understand competitor behaviour and tactics
  • Unpack complex tariff structures
  • Find untapped geographic or other markets

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